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National Express Bus/Coach Travel - Airport to Anywhere

National Express Bus/Coach Travel - Airport to Anywhere Loading
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The National Express Coach Travel Pass offers fantastic value for travel from London Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick airports to one of thousands of destinations in Britain. Travel in luxury - all the coaches are fitted with air-conditioning, leather seats, toilets and washroom facilities.  Simply arrive at the airport, visit the National Express ticket office and exchange your voucher for a guaranteed seat on the next available service to your chosen destination.  Bus/Coach travel is the greenest form of public transport.

You will be emailed an e-voucher. Please PRINT and bring with you. Valid for one year unless otherwise stated.

To place an order add the required quantity to the box below and click on Add to Shopping Basket.

 Adult (16+) SingleAdult (16+) ReturnChild (3-15) SingleChild (3-15) Return
Heathrow/Gatwick/Stansted to Anytown England/Wales$39.50
Heathrow/Gatwick/Stansted to Scotland $63.00

The name on your e-voucher MUST match the name of one of the visitors. If you are booking for someone else, including trade bookings, check this box.

When you arrive in the UK, the last thing you will want to do is start sorting out how to get to your final destination.  With National Express and VisitBritain, you can get organised before you travel - and pay in your local currency. 

National Express is Britain’s only nationwide, scheduled coach operator.  National Express have a  fleet of  over 500 modern, air conditioned coaches all with leather seats, serving over 1,700 places in the UK, delivering 19 million passengers every year, safely and comfortably to their destination.

You can now buy the excellent value ‘National Express Coach Travel' voucher which will give you coach travel to any major town or city in the UK from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted Airport and back to the airport again at the end of your stay in Britain.

Here’s how it works; Purchase your ‘National Express Coach Travel’ voucher from VisitBritain.   When you arrive in the UK, take your  voucher to the National Express customer ticket desk at the airport. There are ticket desks and National Express staff at every major UK airport.  The ticket staff will then book you on to the next available coach service to the destination of your choice and will also book your return journey so that your seat will be reserved when you travel back to the airport.  It’s that easy!

If you’re travelling with children, National Express offers seatbelt solutions for all ages. All coaches feature a child friendly zone - with comfort fit seat belts and booster seats.

Your luggage will be loaded by National Express staff and unloaded at your destination. There's plenty of room and no struggling with heavy cases on to trains.

Travelling to London? 

National Express offer frequent, fast and very affordable transport direct to the capital city.  Buy these National Express Airport to Central London Transfers by selecting the requiered journey in the Bus & Coach Ticket section on the VisitBritain website.

Where to Go on Arrival

Heathrow Airport Offices - located at Central Bus Station, Terminal 4 Ticket Office and Terminal 5 Ticket Office.
Opening hours 0600-2205
Gatwick Airport Offices – located at Gatwick Coach Station Ticket office, North Terminal and South Terminal
lower level.  Open 0500 - 2200
Stansted Airport – Coach Station ticket office - open 24 hours. Arrivals hall 0630 - 0200
Luggage Restrictions
Any customers carrying more than 2 medium suitcases (20kg per case) and 1 piece of hand luggage will incur  an extra charge.
The charges will be;
£10.00 single journey per item (one journey can be multi-leg)
£15.00 return journey per item

Example standard fares

The below are sample fares that you would pay on the day.  These are just one way fares so the National Express Airport to Anywhere Pass represents fantastic value for money as it is valid for return travel.

Bristol to Heathrow - £38.00
Birmingham to Gatwick - £43.90
Brighton to Heathrow - £39.70

For travel to/from London, please see the National Express Airport to Central London products in the Bus & Coach Section on our website.

National Express coaches/buses travel to 1,700 destinations in Britain.  Not all destinations are direct services from the London Airports.  The ticketing clerk will be able to advise you your best options should you need to change.  The lists below outline the direct services from the London Airport. Please note that this National Express - Airport to Anywhere Ticket can only be redeemed from one of the airports, not in Central London. Seats are only guaranteed once booked at the airport.

Major British destinations from London Heathrow Airport

Major British destinations from London Gatwick Airport

Major British destinations from London Stansted Airport

What happens when I arrive in the UK?
Go to the nearest National Express Ticket office in the airport to exchange your Airport to Anywhere voucher for a coach ticket for the journey of your choice.  A passport matching each Airport to Anywhere voucher must be shown and verified by the ticket office staff before your ticket will be issued.

What happens if you don’t have a coach service to the destination I want to travel to?
National Express coaches travel to many areas of England, Wales and Scotland.  Please check the exact destinations and times on the Traveline Journey Planner before you purchase your Airport to Anywhere voucher.

What happens if there are no coach services at the time I want to travel to my particular destination?
National Express will offer you the first service with available seating.

Can I exchange my Airport to Anywhere voucher at a ticket office outside the airport?
No.  You must exchange your voucher at the airport you arrive at and also book your return journey at the same time.

What happens if I don’t know the details for the return journey when I arrive in the UK?
You must book your return journey at the same time you book your outward journey from the airport.  You can get your ticket amended at any National Express ticket outlet 72 hours before travel,  but you will be charged an amendment fee, currently £5.  Our customer advisors may be able to help, please call 08717 818181 (0044 8717 818181 from overseas).

What happens if I decide to return at a different date or time after I have exchanged my ticket at the airport?
You can get your return ticket amended at any National Express ticket office but please be aware an amendment fee will be charged (currently £5)

Is there a time limit  when I must use the return journey by?
Yes, when you arrive in the UK and make your first journey from the airpot, you must book the return journey for use within 12 weeks of arriving in the UK.

Can I get a refund for the return part of my National Express ticket?
No, we can not offer refunds on part-used tickets

What happens if my airline cancels the flight and I don't need to travel by coach back to the airport?
We will not be able to offer you a refund in these circumstances. Your airline or travel insurer may be able to help you recover the costs.


At which airports can I exchange my Visit Britain Airport to Anywhere voucher?
You can exchange your voucher at the National Express Ticket desks at:
London Heathrow Airport
Gatwick Airport
Stansted Airport

Can I travel from any terminal at the airport?
National Express have many different coaches departing from UK Airports.  Check at the nearest National Express ticket office in the airport when you arrive in UK for full onward journey details.

How far in advance of my check-in time should I book my coach travel, when travelling to an airport?
Our advice when booking a coach to the airport is to allow at least an extra hour before check-in.
e.g. If your check-in opens at 08:00, we recommend booking a coach which arrives at, or before, 07:00.

Heathrow Airport Information

Terminals 1 & 3
Our coach services arrive and depart from the Central Bus Station
which is only a 5 minute walk from the terminal buildings via the lift,
escalators and travelators .
Terminal 4
Our coach services use stops 13 and 14 right outside the terminal building at arrivals level. Free transfers to the Central Bus Station & Terminal 5 can be made at stop 7 outside arrivals.
Terminal 5
Our coach services use stops 13-16 right outside the terminal building.
A free connection service between all Heathrow Airport terminals is available on our coach services or by travelling on Heathrow Connect and Heathrow Express train services.
Gatwick Airport Information

Our coaches will take you to and from the heart of both the north & south Gatwick terminals - on time and hassle-free to and from towns and cities throughout the UK.
North Terminal:
•    Coach services arrive and depart from the lower level outside international arrivals
•    You can find our ticket office located inside the terminal at international arrivals
•    Lifts and escalators are available to help with your luggage and the transit train on the upper level provides a fast connection service with the south terminal
South Terminal:
•    Coaches arrive and depart from the lower forecourt at stops 16 & 17
•    Clear signage will direct you between the coach forecourt area and the terminal with escalators, lifts, ramps and travelators to help with your luggage
•    Our ticket offices are located in both the arrivals travel centre and the upper forecourt area

Stansted Airport Information

Hassle free travel to Stansted Airport.
•    Start and end your journey hassle free.
•    Fast, regular coach services to and from the airport door.
•    Frequent services around the clock - with services up to every 20 minutes throughout the day and half hourly at night, you can choose departures that connect conveniently with your outward and return flights, even if you're taking off at the crack of dawn.
About Stansted Airport
We'll pick you up and drop you off just a two-minute walk from the terminal building where you will find trolley ramps, escalators and lifts to help with your luggage.
•    24/7 coaches to north, east and central London locations.
•    Travel desks in the arrivals hall and in the coach station.


Can I take my snowboard on the coach?
We can take skis and snowboards, as long as they are in an appropriate carrying case.

What is the luggage allowance on the coach?
The luggage allowance on our coaches is two medium sized suitcases per customer, each weighing no more than 20 kilograms

How large is a "medium sized suitcase"? Will my bag comply with your luggage requirements?
A medium sized suitcase is defined as not exceeding: Height 70cm x Width 30cm x Depth 45cm.
Excess luggage will be carried at the discretion of the driver, however we can not offer you an advance guarantee as we have no idea what each customer will bring.

I have more luggage than your limit allows. Will I be able to take it on board?
Due to the limited space available, we need to guarantee that all customers are able to travel with their luggage.
Your driver will only allow you to take excess luggage, at his/her discretion, providing he/she is confident that no other customers will be affected.

Is luggage assistance provided?
Our drivers and staff will assist with the loading of your luggage on and off the coach, but may need assistance with items weighing over 20kg.

Can I take my wheelchair?
We will accept light weight manual wheelchairs for travel, subject to them being capable of being stowed in the luggage hold of the coach. We regret that we are unable to carry manual wheelchairs more than 20kg in weight.

My musical instrument is too fragile for the hold, can I take it on board?
If you do not have a hard case for your musical instrument, in order for it to go into the hold,  the driver will, at his/her discretion,  allow you to take the instrument on board the coach. 

Can I take my pet?
We're sorry, but we cannot carry animals (however well behaved!), except Assistance Dogs on National Express services.

Can I take my bicycle with me and put it into the luggage hold?
You can take your bicycle on your National Express journey, as long as it is designed to fold in half by means of a special link in the main frame and is carried in a proper protective carrying case.
Bicycles which are not correctly packed may be refused carriage, for luggage allowance purposes bikes will be considered as being equal to one suitcase.

Is there anything I can't take with me?
Although there are many items you can carry on board a coach, there are a few items that National Express do not allow, to ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers and their luggage. Unfortunately we are unable to carry items that are perishable including meat and fish, and other items that may be fragile or have sharp or protruding edges.

A full list of items that are not allowed on board are detailed below:

We kindly request that you do not bring the following items within your luggage:
•    Any weapons
•    Drugs or solvents (other than medicines)
•    Live or dead animals
•    Fish or insects
•    Battery powered wheelchairs/disabled scooters, unless they are pre-booked
•    Prams
•    Non folding pushchairs
•    Non folding bicycles
Any other items considered unsuitable for carriage by reason of their weight, size, shape or character.

Skis and surfboards can be carried but are subject to space being available


Can I travel with my baby?
Yes, you can travel with your baby.
Children under 3 years of age may travel free of charge (one per full fare paying adult).
Please let the staff at the airport Ticket Office know you have a child under 3 with you.  If you have your own car seat, this space will need to be booked for your child.  There will not be a charge.
However, you may place the child on your lap for the entire journey if you are not bringing a child car seat.
Safety Information
•    Children aged 0-18 months can travel in a rear facing child seat.
•    Children aged 18-36 months can travel in a forward facing child seat.
You must provide the child seat, our driver will check the seat to verify it is safe to use. It will be your responsibility to fit the seat, our driver or any other staff will not be able to assist with the fitting.

I am travelling with a baby. Can I take a pram with me?
Yes you can, providing that it is foldable, as it will be placed in the luggage area of the coach.

I am travelling with children, do I need to buy tickets for them?
You will need to purchase child tickets if your children are 3 years old or over.
One child under 3 will be carried free with each adult fare paying passenger.

What is the minimum age for a child travelling alone?
All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over when travelling with National Express.
If the child is over 14 and travelling alone they will need to have some form of identification for the driver to see. This can be a passport, birth certificate or student photo school pass.

If the person travelling is 14 and travelling alone, do they need proof of age to get on the coach?
Yes, children aged 14 and 15 will need to have some form of identification for the driver to see. This can be a passport, birth certificate or student photo school pass


How do I know where National Express coaches go to?
Ask your advisor at the time of booking your Airport to Anywhere voucher.  You can also check times and destinations on the Visit Britain web site on the National EXpress Coach Journey Planner.

Will there be a seat available on the coach or will I have to stand up?
When you exchange your Airport to Anywhere voucher, you will be given a ticket for travel on National Express coaches.  This ticket guarantees you a seat on the service you have booked. 

What do I do if I miss my coach when I am returning to the airport
If you miss the coach you are booked on, through no fault of National Express and you do not amend your seat before the time of departure, then your ticket will no longer be valid and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Please note that an amendment fee will be charged by the agent/office making the amendment..

Are refreshments available on the coach?
We do not provide refreshments on board our coaches. However you may bring drinks (with a lid, if they are hot) and cold food onto the coach.
Longer services will make refreshment stops at service stations and rest areas, where you are free to make use of the facilities.

Could I send a package by coach to be picked up at one of your stops?
We do not offer any type of courier service. All luggage put on board our coaches must be accompanied by the passenger.

How can we make sure we're sitting together?
You can sit on any vacant seat when you board the coach.

Are there toilets on National Express coaches?
Yes, there are toilets and washroom facilities on every National Express coach.

Will the coach stop for a break?
On the majority of services, no.  We do provide rest breaks on longer journeys, especially overnight services and services between England and Scotland.


Can I take my wheelchair?
We will accept light weight manual wheelchairs for travel, subject to them being capable of being stowed in the luggage hold of the coach. We regret that we are unable to carry manual wheelchairs more than 20kg in weight.

Is luggage assistance provided?
Our drivers and staff will assist with the loading of your luggage on and off the coach, but may need assistance with items weighing over 20kg.

When can’t you provide assistance?
We can not assist you with eating or personal hygiene.
We can not lift or carry you at any time.
We can not provide medical services such as giving injections. If a medical condition requires others to provide this type of care, you should travel with a companion who can assist during your journey.
We can not dismantle or reassemble mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs.
Can you provide assistance on all of your services?
We can provide assistance on the majority of our services.

How do I arrange assisted travel on my journey?
Assistance can be arranged through our dedicated helpline, email 

Can I take my powered wheelchair?
Yes. However, this must be arranged prior to booking your ticket and at least 48 hours prior to your journey.
Please email us

Can I take an oxygen cylinder onboard?
Yes, you may bring personal oxygen supplies in hand held bottles.
Please let us know – email

Can I take my mobility scooter?
Yes, you can bring a mobility scooter with you on a National Express coach as long as your scooter can be dismantled prior to boarding and the heaviest part weighs no more than 20Kg.
Your mobility scooter must be operated by a dry cell battery and you must be able to dismantle and reassemble the scooter or be accompanied at the point of departure and arrival by a companion who can assist you.
We require notice if you wish to bring your scooter please e-mail

Routes with accessible coaches
The following services are already operating with easy access vehicles. The majority of locations along these routes can be used by the easy access coach and wheelchair users, but please contact our Disabled Persons' Travel Helpline for further information before travelling.

    * 240 Leeds - Sheffield - Coventry - Heathrow Airport - Gatwick Airport
    * 314 Liverpool - Stoke - Birmingham - Coventry - Northampton - Bedford - Cambridge
    * 333 Blackpool - Bolton - Mancs - Stoke - Bristol - Yeovil - W'mouth - Poole - B'mouth
    * 337 Coventry - Leamington - Stratford - Cheltenham - Bristol - Exeter - Torquay - Paignton
    * 341 Burnley - Blackburn - Bolton - Mancs - B'ham - Weston-S-M - Exeter - Torquay (not including night or seasonal services)
    * 390 Hull (Docks) - Leeds - Manchester
    * 403 Bath - Swindon - Chippenham - Heathrow - London (side-entry passenger lift)
    * 538 The Midlands - Manchester Airport - Manchester - Preston - Carlisle - Scotland
    * 560 Barnsley - Sheffield - London (not including night or seasonal services)
    * 562 Hull - Doncaster - London
    * 591 Edinburgh - Newcastle - London (not including night or seasonal services)
    * 737 Oxford - High Wycombe - Luton Airport - Stansted Airport
    * 767 Nottingham - Leicester - Luton Airport - Stansted Airport

Which airport transfer should I use?

All the information about our range of airport transfers, to help you see which one suits you best.

Finding Your Way Around

London Map

Know where you are from the moment you arrive with this fold out map of central London. Includes a Tube map and handy index. Great value at  just $2!