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Three Palace Royal Pass

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The Three Palace Royal Pass offers fantastic value for visiting three of London's most famous Royal Palaces - The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

Save over 10% with the pass
. You will receive an evoucher which you can exchange for the full pass at The Tower of London. The pass is valid for one visit to each property over a 2 YEAR period.

Cumulative Gate Prices (if not using the pass):
Adult £55.40 (pass will save you £6.90)
Child £18.75 (pass will save you £2.75)

You will be emailed an e-voucher. Please PRINT and bring with you. Valid for one year unless otherwise stated.

To place an order add the required quantity to the box below and click on Add to Shopping Basket.

Adult (16+)£48.50
Child (5-15, under 5s free)£16.00

The name on your e-voucher MUST match the name of one of the visitors. If you are booking for someone else, including trade bookings, check this box.

Tower of London

Tower of London history dates back to the 11th century. Romans once occupied it, and William the Conqueror built Europe’s first fortress there. Over the years it has served as a royal palace, a prison, an execution site, an arsenal, a mint, a wild animal keep and a jewel house. On a Tower of London tour, you can see Britain’s most precious treasure - the 23,578 gems that make up the Crown Jewels. You can stand on the execution site of 3 English Queens and explore the legends of this world-famous landmark - did Lady Jane Grey really leave graffiti in the stone walls before her death?

On your visit you’ll see artefacts from every part of the Tower's remarkable history. Look out for the famous black ravens in the grounds of the Tower. These magnificent birds have been kept here since the 1600s, and legend has it the Tower will fall, along with the Kingdom, if the ravens ever leave the site. You’ll also see the Beefeaters (or Yeoman Warders) who have been guarding the Tower for over 600 years. A Yeoman Warder tour is included in your Tower of London tickets - you'll be entertained with stories of pain, passion, treachery and torture, all delivered with a swagger and a smile!

Separate selling price: Adult £22, Child £10

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace in South West London is one of only two surviving palaces owned by Henry VIII. Although not lived in by the Royal family since the 18th century, it remains a popular tourist attraction. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through 60 acres of immaculate riverside gardens featuring sparkling fountains, 200,000 flowering bulbs and 750 acres of tranquil royal parkland. Test yourself and get enjoyably lost in the world-famous Hampton Court maze. Other attractions include live Tudor cookery, Henry's private state apartments, the unique Hampton Court gardens restoration, and the Georges' private apartments which were last occupied in 1737 and are now fully refurbished. The tennis court and banqueting house are open during the summer months.

There is also a 'Young Henry VIII' exhibition, where you can discover what the King was like when he was young. And don't forget the Great Hall and the Chapel Royal, which has been in use for over 450 years. Take a step back in time and join Henry VIII at his favourite palace at Hampton Court London.

Separate selling price: Adult £17.50, Child £8.75

Kensington Palace - The Enchanted Palace

Kensington Palace tours include highlights such as the King's staircase, which is painted with images of George I's court and its characters. You can see Queen Victoria's bedroom, the place where she woke to discover she had become Queen of England at just 18 years old.

A unique exhibition combining fashion, performance, and dazzling spectacle reveals Kensington’s magnificent State Apartments in a magical new light. The acclaimed UK theatre company WILDWORKS casted a spell over the palace, creating a mysterious and atmospheric world for visitors to explore. Against the backdrop of the King’s and Queen’s apartments, leading fashion designers Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Aminaka Wilmont and illustrator/set designer Echo Morgan have created spectacular installations, inspired by the stories of the princesses who once lived at Kensington – Mary, Anne, Caroline, Charlotte, Victoria, Margaret and Diana. These extraordinary contemporary designs are displayed alongside historic items from the Royal Collection and Kensington Palace’s Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, together with two dresses worn by Diana, Princess of Wales and Princess Margaret.

Separate selling price: Adult £15.90, Child Free

Upon booking you will receive an voucher by email. Please print this off and take to the Groups Window just outside the main entrance of The Tower of London on Tower Hill. Here you can exchange your voucher for the full Three Palace Royal Pass to give you (once only) access to The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace over a 2 year period.
The actual pass is a souvenir style ticket in three parts.  This contains historical information on the properties, directions and opening times to the palaces.

Which Heritage Pass?

Which Heritage Pass?

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