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London Transport Frequently Asked Questions


For a map of travel zones on the London Underground, please click here

Which is cheaper for my upcoming trip to London, a Travelcard, or a Visitor Oyster Card?
It depends on how long you will be in London and how frequently you plan to use public transport. If you are in London for more than 4 days and plan to use the tube and buses every day then a 7 day Travelcard might be the most cost effective option. If you will be in London for 4 days or less, an Oyster Card may be cheaper.

I’m confused about which type of Travelcard I should purchase. Please help!
The type of Travelcard you should buy depends on which parts of London you want to travel to. London is divided up into 9 travel ‘zones’. A Travelcard entitles you to unlimited journeys within the zones you have a Travelcard for. Central London, including the West End and the City, is in zones 1-2. Heathrow Airport is in zone 6, so to travel from Heathrow Airport into central London you will need a Zones 1-6 Travelcard. The journey from Heathrow Airport into central London by tube takes around 45 – 50 minutes.

Is a 7 day Travelcard valid for flexible days, or consecutively?
A 7 day Travelcard is valid on consecutive days only.

Where can I buy a Travelcard?
You can buy Travelcards from our online shop, for either 1 day or one week (7 days) of travel. 7 day paper Travelcards can only be bought online, not at any London Underground Stations.

Why do you ask for the ‘start’ date on a Travelcard?
A Travelcard is a paper ticket which gets validated with a date stamp when we are fulfilling your order. The Travelcard is valid for either 1 or 7 days from this start date, and cannot be used on any other date. If you are purchasing a 7 day Travelcard, two dates will be stamped on it – one for the start date, and one for the end date.

Will the Travelcard have my name on it?
No, your Travelcard will not have your name on it.

I have received my 7 day Travelcard order and it says “valid only when shown with a photo card.” What is this and where do I get one from?
You can ignore this, as it is an old policy which no longer applies. You will not need a photo card.

My London Travelcard has arrived but is stamped with the wrong date, what should I do?
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

I have just placed my order but I have ordered the wrong tickets?
If this is the case, please inform us immediately by sending an email. We will cancel your order and you can then place a new order for the correct products. We will not replace, exchange, or refund any Travelcards after they have been dispatched from our warehouse, so it is very important that you that you advise us of any issue with your order before it is dispatched.

Can a Travelcard be shared with someone else when travelling together?
No. One Travelcard is required for each person travelling.

Is there a family Travelcard available?
No, there is no Travelcard available for families. However, you can buy both adult and child Travelcards from our website.

Can I use my Travelcard on the Emirates Air Line (Thames Cable Car)?
No, you can’t use a Travelcard on travel on the Emirates Air Line. You can buy separate Emirates Air Line tickets in advance from our online shop.

Are there discounted ticket prices for Senior Citizens?
No, there is no discount available for Senior Citizens (except for London residents).

Are there discounted ticket prices for Students?
No, student Travelcards are not available. If you are studying in London, you can apply for a Student Oyster card via Transport for London.

I have read somewhere that there are group tickets available. Where can I get these?
Group Day Tickets are available for groups of 10 people or more. They can only be purchased from a London Underground train station and not in advance online.

Group Day Tickets can be used on the London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and some National Rail services. You can’t use them on London buses. While using a Group Day Ticket, you must stay in a group of 10 or more.

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Visitor Oyster Cards

For a map of travel zones on the London Underground, please click here

I am coming to London for a long weekend. How much credit will I need on my Oyster Card?
For a 2 day trip to London, we advise that you purchase a £20 Oyster Card.

Are there any time restrictions when using the Visitor Oyster Card?
No, you can use your Oyster Card at any time. Please note that prices vary depending on what time you travel. Travelling during peak times costs more than travelling during off-peak times. Peak times are Monday to Friday between 6.30am and 9.30am and between 4pm and 7pm. All other times, including public holidays, are off-peak.

Can more than one person share a Visitor Oyster Card between them when travelling together?
No. One Oyster Card is required for each person travelling.

Can I use the Visitor Oyster Card as soon as I receive it?
Yes, once you have received your Oyster Card it is ready to use.

Will my Oyster Card have my name on it?
No, your Oyster Card will not have your name on it.

Do I need to provide a passport photo to buy a Visitor Oyster Card?
If you purchase a Visitor Oyster Card from our website, you do not need to provide a passport photo.

Can I top up my Visitor Oyster Card online?
No, you can’t top up your Visitor Oyster Card online. However, you can top it up at any tube station and at almost 3,800 Oyster Ticket Stops across London.

Is the Visitor Oyster Card valid from Heathrow?
Yes. Heathrow Airport is in Zone 6 and you can use your Oyster Card to travel on the tube into central London.

I bought a Visitor Oyster Card a couple of years ago. Can I still use it when I come back to London?
Yes. You can top up your Oyster Card when you get to London at the ticket machines or kiosks at any tube station.

Can I use my Visitor Oyster Card to travel on the Emirates Air Line (Thames Cable Car)?
Yes you can. The cost per journey with an Oyster Card is £3.30.
Can I get a refund of any unused credit at the end of my trip to the UK?

If you send the card(s) back to the address below, you can get a refund of any remaining credit. Please remember to include a covering letter explaining why you are returning them. You will then be sent a cheque in GBP.
TfL Customer Services, 14 Pier Walk, 4th Floor, London, SE10 0ES United Kingdom

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London Transport

London Underground
The Underground, commonly known as the Tube, is London’s metro system. Central London has a large concentration of stations, and many popular attractions are served by a nearby Tube station. The Underground also extends in all directions to suburban areas. All major National Rail stations are served by the Underground, as is Heathrow Airport.

London Overground
The Overground is a network of suburban rail routes that mostly serve the areas just outside central London but also extend to the far north and south of London. A recent extension means that the network now forms a full circle around the city centre, and many stations interchange with the Underground and DLR.

London Buses
London has more than 700 bus routes, with around 7,500 buses and nearly 20,000 bus stops. Route information is displayed at bus stops and on buses.

Tramlink is south London’s tram network. It connects to the Overground at West Croydon and the Underground at Wimbledon, in addition to various National Rail interchanges.

The Docklands Light Railway, usually abbreviated to DLR, is a light rail system serving the east and south-east of the city. It has interchanges with the rest of the transport network at various points, notably at Bank which has connections to five Underground lines. London City Airport is in Zone 3 on the DLR.

Transport for London manages eight piers on the River Thames, offering a variety of commuter, ferry and leisure services. Leisure services are aimed at visitors and many stops are near major attractions.

National Rail
National Rail services are not operated by Transport for London – the organisation that operates all the above services – but Oyster Cards and Travelcards are valid on National Rail services within the Transport for London travel zones. London’s major National Rail stations are Paddington, Euston, Kings Cross St. Pancras, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Charing Cross, Waterloo and Victoria; all are located in Zone 1.

Emirates Air Line
The Emirates Air Line is a cable car crossing the River Thames in east London. The cable car runs between Emirates Royal Docks on the north of the river, to Emirates Greenwich Peninsula (near the O2 Arena) on the south.