Step back in time at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, where you can see the age-old remains of Henry VIII’s favourite ship, the Mary Rose. Here, you can gain a unique insight into the lives of the men that worked and lived aboard the Mary Rose ship, why it sunk, and discover how this extraordinary vessel became the apple of Henry’s eye. 

 Highlights at the Mary Rose Museum

  • Learn about Henry VIII's one-of-a-kind flagship, which stood against one of the largest enemy fleets in English naval history.
  • Watch the dramatic audio-visual display of how the crew operated aboard, and how they fought in a naval battle.  
  • Marvel at the displays of medieval weaponry: from swords, to longbows, to a mighty 2-tonne bronze gunner. 
  • Glimpse into the day-to-day lives of the people who populated Tudor England through the fascinating artefacts unearthed from the wreckage of the ship, such as food bowls and cooking pots.

Highlights in Portsmouth

  • The Mary Rose Museum is in the heart of Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. Close to attractions like the HMS Victory and the HMS Warrior. 
  • Enjoy the views from the top of Spinnaker Tower, where you can look out at the city.
  • Stroll through Gunwharf Quays premium retail outlet, where you can shop for designer gear.

A trip to the  Mary Rose Museum is a perfect day out for the family. Children will be entertained by interactive displays and the heroic stories of the legendary Mary Rose ship, whilst adults will be fascinated by the grisly and intricate history of daily life aboard a Tudor vessel.

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