With nearly 1,000 years of shocking stories and gruesome tales contained within its ancient stone walls, the Tower of London offers a fascinating insight into London’s rich and complex heritage.

Over the course of its existence, this world-famous castle has served as a royal palace, prison, execution chamber, armoury, and even a zoo. Today, the Tower of London is a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the city’s premier attractions.

Tower of London Highlights

  • See the magnificent Crown Jewels on display, made up of nearly 24,000 gems
  • Enjoy special exhibitions, guided tours from the famous Beefeaters, and live re-enactments of historic moments
  • Explore the towers to discover what imprisonment was like for the upper classes of previous centuries
  • Special tours and activities available for children and families
  • Savings for families - save up to 25% on individual prices with a family ticket
  • Flexibility - Tower of London tickets are open dated and can be used any time on any day

What to See in the Tower of London

The Crown Jewels

Marvel at the Crown Jewels, which have been stored and displayed in the Tower of London since the 1600s. This remarkable collection contains some of the world’s most exceptional diamonds, along with the finest treasures of the British Monarchy.

Beefeater Tours

Gain insider knowledge of the Tower’s history and its residents with a tour from a Yeoman Warder, popularly known as a Beefeater. Beefeaters live at the Tower and have guarded it for centuries – and they love to share intriguing tales of imprisonment, execution, and torture.

The White Tower

The White Tower showcases one of the earliest museum exhibits, the Line of Kings. Here, you can view an impressive collection of historic armours, including those of Henry VIII and Charles I.

The Bloody Tower

Learn about the myths, legends, and surprising events that took place at the Bloody Tower – one of the most infamous prisons on the castle grounds.

Royal Beasts

Explore the area that once housed the Royal Menagerie – a collection of hundreds of exotic animals. From lions to elephants, alligators and kangaroos, you’ll be shocked to learn just how many species were kept within the Tower of London.

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