Discover Abbotsford, a beautiful 200-year-old stately home in the Scottish Borders famous as the home to iconic novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott.


  • The House – Admire beautifully-preserved architecture and see the rooms as Scott lived in them, complete with fascinating artefacts from his life in the 1800s
  • The Gardens – A rare surviving Regency garden layout, see the stunning formal gardens or “outdoor rooms” designed by Scott himself. Climb a Gothic staircase to the meadow beyond, and gaze back at the house to see a ‘Rapunzel’ tower overlooking the river
  • The Estate – Explore 120 acres of woodland including towering trees planted by Scott himself 200 years ago. Hear rare birdsong and maybe even spot an otter on a walk that would inspire any artist

Located along the banks of the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders, this house is a place where all the family can come together and marvel in the splendour of the house, gardens and surrounding estate. It’s perfectly located for a day out from Edinburgh, only an hour away from the city. 

Suggested length of visit: 4-5 hours

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