Where are we using cookies?

Where are we using cookies?

We are using cookies for the following purposes:

1. Language Preference: We store the language selected by the user when they visit our home page. This means that when the user visits the site again, we can display the preferred site in the correct language and currency. This information is stored for 364 days. If the user does not visit our home page, the site they view is determined by geo targeting.

2. Recent Pages or Items viewed: This cookie stores details of recently viewed pages or products viewed and is stored for 370 days. 

3. ASP.Net Session Id: This contains shopping cart and session data and is stored for the duration of a customer’s visit to a shop. It is essential for the correct working of the shopping basket and checkout. 


The following third-party plugins and scripts that set data in cookies are embedded in our site, meaning we are responsible if they are stored without the user’s consent.

1. Google Analytics (_utma, _utmb, _utmc and _utmz cookies): Google Analytics cookies are stored as part of our site’s cookies, as first party cookies. They enable the function of our analytics software. This software helps us analyse information such as visitor numbers, pages viewed on our shop and response to marketing activity. We use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to get an idea of our demographics and users’ interests. We use this data to develop the site and content around our users’ interests, improve the website and your shopping experience. You can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Settings. In addition, you can use the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on to disable tracking by Google Analytics.

2. Add This (addthis.com): This provides sharing APIs for Facebook, Twitter etc to drive social traffic.

3. MS CONV and MSANALYTICS (Bing) and Adwords Conversion (Google): These third party cookies allow us to identify which of our advertisements you have clicked on. Each individual advertiser uses its own tracking cookies and the data taken is not confidential or interchangeable.

4. Google remarketing: These cookies are written by Google for the purpose of serving ads to users who have previously visited our site as they browse other websites on the internet. To opt out of customized Google Display Network ads click here