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Make the most out of your day in Greenwich with the Royal Museums Greenwich Day Pass.

A top-10 UK visitor attraction, Royal Museums Greenwich is home to the Royal Observatory Greenwich and the Prime Meridian, the iconic historic sailing ship Cutty Sark, the Queen’s House Art Gallery and the National Maritime Museum. 

Top 10 must-see attractions at Royal Museums Greenwich:
  • Take a selfie on the iconic Meridian Line 
  • Enjoy one of the most-loved views of London across Greenwich Royal Park and the River Thames 
  • Marvel at the Great Equatorial Telescope, the UK’s largest historic telescope which gave astronomers new views of the universe over 100 years ago
  • Get a taste of life as a seafaring Victorian and discover how the crew lived, ate and slept on board Cutty Sark
  • Meet the colourful cast of costumed characters on board Cutty Sark and listen to Captain Woodget or Nannie bring the history of the ship to life
  • Admire the classical design of the Queen’s House – one of the most important buildings in English architecture designed by Indigo Jones
  • See the Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I. This painting commemorates the most famous conflict of Elizabeth’s reign, the failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada
  • Take a selfie with the elegant Tulip Stairs, the first geometric self-supporting spiral stairs in Britain
  • Get up close to the actual uniform Admiral Nelson was wearing when he was fatally wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar in the Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery
  • Discover how life on the River Thames has evolved in the past 300 years in the Maritime London gallery

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