Climb over the O2

Climb over the O2

There’s no shortage of incredible views and memorable viewpoints in London, with the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The View from The Shard as just a few examples. However, aren’t elevators and stairs just so… mundane?

Luckily for visitors to London, the Up at The O2 attraction makes the journey to the viewpoint just as exciting as the view itself, with a climb up to an elevation of 52m on top of The O2, formerly the Millennium Dome.

Climbers traverse along a suspended walkway that’s 380m long including the journey back down but rest assured, Up at The O2 is no walk in the park! Remember, climbing expeditions need a little preparation.

Up at the O2Safety first! Footwear second

As you enter the attraction you’ll be greeted by your friendly and helpful Climb Guide, who will accompany you and your group for the duration of your adventure. All adventurers have to watch the short and light-hearted safety briefing video, before being fitted for a full all-in-one climb suit to be worn over normal clothes. Fans of flip flops, stilettos and Ugg boots need not despair, either – staff are happy to provide you with some climbing shoes if required.

To lead or to follow?

A safety harness provides the finishing touch to your head-to-toe adventuring outfit; climbers can be forgiven for pretending that they are boarding a space shuttle as they climb the stairs to the base of the climb. The harness isn’t just for show, however, as getting attached to the safety harness is the final step before the climb can begin, but not before the Climb Guide asks for a brave volunteer to lead the expedition from the front. Hands in the air please!

Try to avoid the domino effect

The walkway which forms the route of the climb will no doubt make you feel as though you’ve got a spring in your step, as it is suspended from cables with nothing solid underneath it. Your Climb Guide will warn you not to bounce on the walkway as the bounce will ripple backwards and unsteady your fellow climbers further back. If you didn’t volunteer to lead the group, every time someone in front of you treads too heavily, you’ll wish you did!

The summit

Group Up at the O2After a 15 minute ascent you will reach the summit and be struck by the spectacular 360° panorama of east London and beyond. Make sure you have cameras at the ready as there will be plenty of photo opportunities including the imposing skyscrapers of Canary Wharf immediately to the west, as well as the Emirates Air Line cable car, the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture in the Olympic Park, and the Shard and affectionately-known ‘Gherkin’ skyscrapers in the distance. Plenty of viewpoints in London are taller and plenty are more famous, but none can claim to offer an experience as unique as standing on top of the famous dome.

Bond-style descents prohibited

20 minutes later once you and your group have soaked up the views and finished browsing the impressive navigation chart that circumnavigates the viewing platform, it is time to get strapped in again for the descent. Pleas to the Climb Guide to be allowed to slide down the side of the dome James Bond-style (minus the bullets, bombs and baddies) will go sadly unheeded.

Climber, adventurer… and movie star!

The reason for the motion tracker you were given back at base camp will become clear when you’ve finished your descent. When you reach the gift shop, be sure to check out your starring role in your own personalised expedition movie!

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