Experience Scotland train tours with the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass. Watch the country unfold from your window on the trains of Scotland, from the historic charm of Edinburgh to the trendy nightlife of Glasgow. Or step away from the cities, and discover the glorious Highlands, the untamed islands, and iconic attractions like Loch Ness and Scotland’s legendary Old Course in St. Andrews.

Ride the rails any four days out of an eight-day period, or as many as eight days out of 15. With this kind of flexibility, you can really get to know the country. You’ll also be able to hop on Caledonian MacBrayne ferries if you do want to explore the islands of Scotland’s magnificent coast.

Why buy in advance?

  • International exclusive – The pass is not available to buy in the UK, and can only be purchased before your arrival.
  • Huge savings – The BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass will save you money, as this Scottish rail pass works out a lot cheaper when compared to buying individual train tickets in Scotland for each journey over several days.
  • Unlimited journeys – Want flexibility? You can travel as much as you like on each day your pass is valid, and not be stuck to a rigid schedule.

Please note that the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass is not an e-voucher. This is a physical ticket that will be mailed out to you. When ordering a pass, you need to print this document containing important details, and take it with you when you travel. Please ensure you select your date of arrival in Britain to allow sufficient time for your order to reach you.

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