Travel trade sales and Affiliates

Become a Trade Discount Partner

What do I get?
  • Access to an exclusive discount code offering reduced prices on a wider range of product
  • The ability to gift products to another person, so this is an easy means to book products for your clients
How does it work?

Travel trade can use exclusive trade discount codes to make bookings for clients. The discount code is applied at the checkout stage of the VisitBritain Shop. Contact us to confirm your eligibility

Become an Affiliate

  • Up to 25% commission on sales generated through your links
  • Free and quick to join
  • Access to our online portal where you can keep track of your success and keep up-to-date with our latest offers
  • Trackable links and creative banners allowing you to tailor to your audience
  • Commissions paid quarterly upon reaching £100
  • Over 150 recommended products to advertise: attractions, maps, transport, sightseeing passes and tours
  • Shops in 7 local languages and local currency
  • Support from our affiliate team and advertising optimization advice

What is an affiliate scheme?

Joining an affiliate scheme gives you the opportunity to earn money by advertising our links on your website. This can be done through creative banners or more commonly by incorporating links into your content. It’s very simple to join our affiliate scheme and with a commission rate of up to 25% you can start earning by signing up now.

Why become an Affiliate
Becoming an affiliate with the VisitBritain Shop enables you to promote over 150 recommended UK products, allowing you to advertise no matter which aspect of Great Britain your website focuses on. Along the way our team offer you support and inform you when offers and new products arrive, helping you to deliver the best content to your readers.

How it works
Shortly after signing up you will receive a personal login for our portal where you will find a range of creative banners and trackable links which can be used for any form of online advertising. Once you incorporate the links into your content any clicks will be registered, and each sale that is generated will earn you a commission of up to 25%, with the commission rate being dependent on the type of product. When you earn £100 or more in commission, you will be paid at the end of that quarter. 

To track how well your affiliate campaign is doing you can check our online portal for an overview of your website’s data, including how often your link has been clicked and how much revenue you’ve made so far. On this portal you will also find special offers, news, and announcements to give you ideas on which products to promote.

If you need any further info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Other opportunities with us

Discounts on Bulk Purchases (Offline)

If you’re buying over 200 units of any of the following products, you can get a bulk discount: 

Please contact us to find out more.

London Map License Agreement

VisitBritain owns the copyright to the cartography for the London Map. A license can be purchased to reproduce London Maps under your own branding. The costs are for the license only and vary according to the number of maps that will be printed.

Please contact us to find out more.