7 Great Football Stadiums in England

What’s more British than love of the beautiful game? Combine train travel across the UK with your love of sport, and discover the great football stadiums of England.

1. Emirates Stadium, Arsenal, London


Did you know that the first live televised football match was an Arsenal practice game in 1937? It was played at their then-stadium, in Highbury, north London. Today, Arsenal Football Club is located at the Emirates Stadium, placed only a couple hundred yards from where the original once stood.

There is a museum onsite that charts the history of the club, and the tour includes highlights such as Jens Lehmann’s gloves, and Michael Thomas’ boots that he wore in the ’89 match at Anfield.

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2. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, London


If it wasn't for a dog bite in 1904, Chelsea’s Stadium, Stamford Bridge, may well have been relocated. Businessman Gus Mears was on the verge of selling the land on Stamford Bridge following a lucrative offer.

His colleague Frederick Parker wanted the club to stay where it was, but was told he was wasting his time. As the two walked on, Mears' dog suddenly bit Parker, drawing blood, but Parker merely shrugged off the attack. Mears was impressed by this show of mettle, and the rest is history! This stadium is one of the most historic in the capital, which makes a tour of Stamford Bridge unmissable, especially if you support the Blues. Visit the museum, and try the immersive multi-media tour of this London landmark.

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3. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham, London


Tottenham Hotspur’s name stems from Shakespeare. Harry Hotspur was a character with a fiery reputation in Henry IV Part 1. He was based on Sir Henry Percy of Northumberland – an aristocratic family who owned large pieces of land in the Tottenham area.

The new Tottenham Hotspur grounds cost a staggering £850 million to build, but the resulting venue is a world-class stadium, and well worth a tour. Follow the footsteps of Hotspur players by visiting exclusive First Team areas, then walking into the changing rooms and down through the tunnel into the stadium.

4. Anfield Stadium, Liverpool


Anfield is widely considered to be one of the best football stadiums in the world because of its history and atmosphere. When it opened in 1884 it was the official stadium for Everton, but it became the home of Liverpool F.C. at the club’s inception in 1892.

It has undergone several updates over the years to increase capacity and safety, but Anfield has never lost its character or the ineffable spirit that permeates its grounds. If you love football, this is one pitch tour you can’t miss.

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5. St. James’ Park Stadium, Newcastle


The patch of earth that Newcastle F.C. calls home is iconic in the north and one of the best stadiums in England. Known locally as the ‘cathedral on the hill’ this venue has seen several expansions, and today the venue can hold over 50,000 people.

If you want a sense of drama and theatre, you can find it in St. James’ Park. A tour will take you from the heights of the executive boxes to the intimate spaces of the players’ changing rooms.

6. Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London


Wembley Stadium is considered to be one of the best live sports venues in the world, and has hosted some of the most important international football matches in recent history.

Opened in 2007, after replacing the older venue of the same name, this is the largest football stadium in the country, able to hold up to 90,000 fans. For sheer scale and atmosphere, Wembley is a must-see.

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7. Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester


Old Trafford is perhaps the most famous stadium in the world, and has an amazing history that any football fan will adore diving into. As the home of Manchester United, Old Trafford has seen a record 20 top-flight titles.

Legendary players and coaches have played under its eaves, and a tour will guide you through the pitch side dugout, the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, the dressing room, and into the award-winning museum.

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When does the football season in the UK kick off?

The Premier League season in England begins in August and runs through to May. For specific dates for each club’s dates of play you can go to the individual club website, check stadium sites or look up dates on BBC Sports.