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Have you ever thought of visiting a famous British sporting venue on a non-match day? You’d be surprised at just how much you can learn and what there is to see. As well as nosing around dressing rooms, gazing at coveted trophies and experiencing the glory of the ground, there are fascinating facts to learn about - here are just a few...

Did you know?

The first ever live televised football match was an Arsenal practice game in 1937. It was played at their then stadium, in Highbury, north London.

Arsenal Stadium Tour and Museum

Twickenham Stadium, the home of English rugby, started off as a humble cabbage patch.

There is a theory that rugby was invented when ‘bad loser’ William Webb Ellis got fed-up during a game of football and picked up the ball and started to run with it!

Twickenham Rugby Museum and Stadium Tour

If it wasn't for a dog bite in 1904, Chelsea’s Stadium, Stamford Bridge, may well have been relocated. Businessman Gus Mears was on the verge of selling the land on Stamford Bridge following a lucrative offer. His colleague Frederick Parker wanted the club to stay where it was, but was told he was wasting his time.

As the two walked on, Mears' dog suddenly bit Parker, drawing blood, but Parker merely shrugged off the attack. Mears was impressed, telling Parker he would now trust his judgement over others' – and the rest is history!

Chelsea Stadium Tour

Tottenham Hotspur’s name stems from Shakespeare. Harry Hotspur was a character with a fiery reputation in Henry IV Part 1. He was based on Sir Henry Percy of Northumberland – an aristocratic family who owned large pieces of land in the Tottenham area.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour

When he’s not commentating, John McEnroe now 'haunts' a changing room in the historic venue’s museum. Using the illusionary stage-technique called Pepper’s Ghost, McEnroe ‘appears’ talking tennis and some of his legendary games.

Wimbledon Tennis Museum and Tour

Until 1864 when the first grass-mower was bought, the wickets at Lord’s Cricket Ground were prepared by allowing sheep to graze on the grass.

Lord’s Cricket Ground tour