Don't get lost in the UK!

Caravan at sunset

If you are lost and don’t have a map, here are 4 tips to get you back on track:

1. Written on the Wall

Find the most haggard side of the Tower of London and you are most likely facing south-west.
Tower of London wall

Pollution patterns can be found on most buildings – especially historic London attractions. Wind and rain is responsible for carrying the majority of this destruction and in the UK, most of the customary rain and wind comes from the south-west.

2. TV satellite dishes

Most point to the south-east in Britain, as there is one dominant satellite broadcaster.

3. Religious buildings

Christian churches and gravestones are typically aligned west-east.
Mosques – in the UK Mosques face east. The praying niche inside (known as al-Qibla) will be in the direction of Mecca.
Synagogues – the Torah Ark is normally placed at the end of the synagogue closest to Jerusalem. So in Britain, this will mean they face east.

4. Human Traffic

St Pauls Cathedral

If you are lost, rush hour can be a very telling time in a city. In the morning, battle your way against a crowd and you should end up at a main transport station. In the evening, follow the crowd to find your way back home.

Occasionally these handy hints may prove a little redundant. For example, St Paul’s Cathedral has recently undergone extensive cleaning, removing all weathering which may have given you a clue as to which direction you were facing.

Why not check out our handy London map for failsafe city navigating.