King Arthur filming locations in Britain


Where can you chase the legend of Arthur, and where was Legend of the Sword filmed? 

Get closer than ever to Britain's most famous legend at these dramatically beautiful King Arthur: Legend of the Sword filming locations.

(pictured above: Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia National Park)

Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands 


There’s an air of magic about Skye, the largest island of the inner Hebrides. It’s not hard to imagine that legends are real here, among the dramatic scenery and lush green landscapes that are lit with an otherworldly glow. The aurora borealis (Northern Lights) can sometimes be seen from the island, and you can find real dinosaur footprints on its wild, white sand beaches. 

Skye has been a film set for Macbeth, The BFG, Stardust and The Land That Time Forgot, to name a few, and now the island’s most iconic cliff face, the Quiraing, can be spotted in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Scotland generally has many connections with the stories of Arthur: Stirling Castle is home to the Round Table, while Arthur fought a mighty battle against the Picts at scenic Loch Lomond.

Find your own myths and magic on a fantastic guided tour, the ultimate way to experience the wonder of Skye and the Scottish Highlands.

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Snowdonia National Park, Wales 

The lake where Excalibur rests


Monsters, magic, and myths are woven into Welsh culture, and the legend of King Arthur is strongly associated with this national park in Wales.

The landscape of Snowdonia is enchanting, with snow-topped peaks, bubbling springs, and deep blue lakes, several of which are claimed to contain the mighty sword Excalibur. In Legend of the Sword, Arthur actor Charlie Hunnam hurls his sword into one of these lakes, filmed near the valley of Nant Gwynant. Jousting scenes were also filmed near Conwy, at the northern tip of the park.

Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, is where Arthur killed and buried Rhitta, a ferocious giant who wore a cape made from his enemies’ beards. And Arthur himself is said to be buried on Bardsley, a small island 2 miles from the mainland that today is home to sheep, seals, and fantastic views, but has no electricity or running water.

Visit King Arthur's Labyrinth!


In the depths of the dramatic Snowdonia hills lies a labyrinth of caves where you can get closer than ever to the legend of Arthur.

Travel back through time on an underground boat ride to hear and see the stories of Arthur, Merlin and Excalibur brought to life before your eyes. This fantastic family attraction is enthralling, inspiring and a little bit mystical! The perfect unique activity for your magical holiday in Wales.

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Learn to surf at the world’s first inland wave pool, in the heart of Snowdonia

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Windsor Great Park


This lush green park within view of Windsor Castle was a private hunting ground for the British monarchy in medieval times. It’s full of fantastic treasures to discover, like ancient oak trees with huge trunks and twisting branches, dense woodland dotted with beehives, beautiful plants and flowers, and hundreds of wild deer.

Areas of the park have featured in three Harry Potter films, The King’s Speech and Bridget Jones’s Baby, as well as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. The varied landscape means it is often used to represent other places in films, including the Scottish Highlands and even Mount Fuji!

Explore vast open green spaces, recreate battle scenes in the south forest, and take the famous Long Walk to Windsor Castle to see incredible views fit for royalty.

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The Forest of Dean

Arthur's cave


On the border of Wales and England lies this mist-enshrouded fairytale forest, rich in Roman and Celtic history and home to some of Britain's most stunning scenery. 

It is here that Arthur's cave from Legend of the Sword can be found, filmed at the site of a real medieval cave at the foot of a cliff. Scenes from British television series Merlin were also filmed nearby, at Puzzlewood, an ancient oak forest which is said to have been the inspiration for Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth.

The forest's atmospheric scenery also inspired the magical world of Harry Potter, and along with the neighbouring Wye Valley, it is officially protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With hundreds of acres to get lost in, be sure not to miss the historical sites nearby including atmospheric Tintern Abbey, a Gothic ruin built in the 1100s, and Chepstow Castle, Britain's oldest surviving stone castle.  

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Tintagel, Cornwall

Arthur's birthplace and Merlin's cave


It’s not a filming location, but as the birthplace of King Arthur Tintagel Castle deserves a mention. With a history dating back to Roman times, this rugged streak of the north Cornwall coast is one of Britain’s most archaeologically important places, and the ruined castle has sat here since the 13th century.

Perched on a cliff, Tintagel Castle is where King Arthur is said to have been born. Hidden on the beach below it is Merlin’s cave, where the sorcerer practised his magic and saved baby Arthur from crashing waves. It’s inaccessible at high tide but at low tide the sandy cave and its eerie depths can be inspected for traces of magic.

The tranquil coastline is a fantastic place for a hike, dotted with idyllic sandy beaches and sheer cliffs which drop to the glittering Atlantic ocean. Careful though! You might spot a wizard or a dragon lurking within one of the beach caves.

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