Royal Britain - Castles and Palaces

Royal Britain is rife with a rich, royal history that is simply awe-inspiring. The UK is filled with jaw-dropping castles and palaces that need to be seen to be believed.


Castle Tours

Castles like Windsor Castle and Edinburgh Castle are a spectacle to behold. To see a medieval castle like Warwick Castle is one for the bucket list. Home to over 1000 years of history, the audio guides available in several languages including English, Spanish and Chinese to the castle tours help you to discover Royal Britain like never before.

Palace Tours

Visiting a few of the most popular and historical palaces in the UK is a must for any Royal family fan. With the Three Palace Royal Pass, tourists can experience Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London. Further north in Edinburgh, Scotland is the beauty of Palace of Holyrood House. Explore one of the most beautiful Scottish palaces whilst experiencing The Queens Gallery, Holyrood Abbey and much more.

Cathedral Tours

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals. Tourists can discover the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral in London through a guided tour. The cathedral tour includes a glorious view of the London skyline from St. Pauls own outdoor viewing platform.

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