London Travelcards Information & Help

For prices, time restrictions, student discount, family discount and getting around in London information, see our general London Transport FAQs page.

Buy a London Travelcard

I’m confused about which type of Travelcard I should purchase. Please help!

If you are unsure which ticket to buy, see our comparison page to find out which Travelcard is the most suitable for your trip.

I have read somewhere that there are group tickets?

Group Day Tickets are available for groups of 10 people or more. They can be purchased online from the VisitBritain Shop. Group Day Tickets can be used on London buses, the London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and some National Rail services. While using a Group Day Ticket, you must stay in a group of 10 or more.

Is a 7 day Travelcard valid for flexible days, or consecutively?

A 7 day Travelcard is valid on consecutive days only.

My London Travelcard has arrived but is stamped with the wrong date what should I do?

If you have received your Travelcards with the wrong date, please contact us quoting your name, order number and the date stamped on the Travelcards.

I have received my 7 day Travelcard order and I have read that is says “valid only when shown with a photo card”. What is this and where do I get one from?

You can ignore this, as it is an old policy which no longer applies. You will not need a photo card.

Why do you ask for the start date on a Travelcard?

A Travelcard is a paper ticket which gets validated with a date stamp when we are fulfilling your order. The Travelcard is valid for either 1 or 7 days from this start date, and cannot be used on any other date. If you are purchasing a 7 day Travelcard, two dates will be stamped on it – one for the start date, and one for the end date.

I'm going to Watford Junction Which ticket do I need?

​You can’t use a zones 1-2 or zones 1-6 Travelcard to travel to Watford Junction station. Watford Junction is in Zone 9, so you’ll need a separate ticket. You can buy a return train ticket to Watford Junction from National Rail stations, such as Euston.

Alternatively, you can buy a Travelcard covering zone 9 to travel to Watford Junction. A zone 9 Travelcard can be bought from tube station ticket offices in London. You can also travel with a Visitor Oyster card, which can be preloaded with credit to cover your journey to Watford Junction. Visitor Oyster cards are available from the VisitBritain shop and will automatically calculate the correct fare for your journey.

Will the Travelcard have my name on it?

No, your Travelcard will not have your name on it so this product can also be purchased for other people.