BritRail Passes

If you’re exploring Britain by train a BritRail pass is the easiest and most cost-effective way to travel. Forego the stress of sorting out a booking for every leg of your journey, sticking to rigid timetables, and sifting through multiple train companies - for a single fixed price, you can make unlimited train journeys around the whole country, or a region of your choice.

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So what are the benefits of purchasing a BritRail pass?

  • Save money! – With passes costing from just £13 per day, you’ll make big savings compared to buying individual tickets
  • Children travel free with most passes meaning a family of 4 only pays for 2 adults – saving up to £798!
  • Free airport transfers are included with many types of BritRail passes
  • Get straight on the train without having to wait in line at the ticket office at the start of each journey
  • International exclusive – BritRail passes are only available to overseas visitors. Make sure you buy before you arrive!

Is there only one type of BritRail pass?

No, there are passes for all types of holidays, schedules, and travellers. If you’re planning only to travel around England, you can purchase the BritRail England Pass, if you’d love to spend your time making the most of the Scottish countryside, you can use our BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass.

Beyond our regional rail passes, there are additional types of passes that can suit the way you travel. For example, the tech savvy traveller can use the electronic BritRail M-Pass.

Which pass is right for me?

Loch Ness
Stratford Upon Avon
All of Britain
  • BritRail Spirit of Scotland Rail M-Pass

    Buy your BritRail Spirit of Scotland M-Pass from VisitBritain.

  • BritRail Central Scotland Rail M-Pass

    Unlimited rail travel around Scotland's biggest cities on a single great-value pass

  • BritRail GB M-Pass

    Purchase your UK-wide BritRail M-Pass with VisitBritain.

  • BritRail England Rail M-Pass

    Scan your phone and go as you travel throughout England by train with the new M-Pass!

  • BritRail London Plus M-Pass

    Travel throughout London with this convenient BritRail Mobile Pass!

  • BritRail South West Rail M-Pass

    An unlimited rail pass for South West England, including Cornwall and Oxford.

  • North of England City Experience Rail Pass

    Travel conveniently around the North of England with this 5 city rail pass!

  • GWR Great West Way® Discoverer pass

    The Great West Way is one of England’s premier rail passes, connecting its most famous destinations such as Bath, Bristol and Stonehenge.