UK Travel Essentials

Knowing what to bring when travelling around the UK can be difficult so we’ve put together a combination of travel essentials to help. No matter where you’re travelling from or where you’re travelling to within Britain, our travel essentials will assist you along the way.


Mobile Wi-Fi Rental

The thought of losing Wi-Fi connection can be worrying for tourists especially if you’re reliant upon the Wi-Fi for your travelling information. Visit Britain Shop can provide a Pocket Wi-Fi service that gives visitors wireless internet service across the UK.

Travel Plug Adaptors

A travel plug adaptor is a travel essential for all tourists. A simple but essential accessory allowing European devices to be plugged into a UK outlet. This is perfect for phones, hair dryers, laptops, baby monitors and many others.

London Visitor Map

If you’re travelling to London, then a London Map is essential. London is the largest city in the UK so having a map of the city in your pocket will very useful in helping you find your way. The map includes the London tube map, street index and best of all, it’s easy to unfold and fold back into your pocket making it a very useful travel accessory.

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