London Transport: Buy your travel pass in advance

If you’re visiting London and have questions of how to get around, then you’ve come to the right place. Our information about London transport can help guide you to the most suitable travel pass that meet your travelling needs.


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London Transport: London Travelcard or Visitor Oyster Card?

Understanding the difference between the London Travelcard and Visitor Oyster Card will help you make the right choice. We have the answer for you as well as answers to many other frequently asked questions about London Transport. If you are looking for general advice about London Transport, then our London Transport Planner and Information should point you in the right direction.

London Transport: London Rail and Tube Service Map

London Transport can be confusing if you have never visited London before. You can download our free London Rail and Tube Service map to help you understand which zones within London you wish to travel in so you can make your travel arrangements in advance. The map covers each of the London Underground tube lines including the names of all the stops and which zone they are situated in.