See London’s finest Gothic masterpiece, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover why visitors flock here in their millions to admire its beauty.

Please note: Tickets cannot be used between 15 July and 31 August.

The attraction 

  • Stunning architecture – the Abbey’s intricate exterior will take your breath away from the second you catch sight of it
  • Royal weddings – No less than 16 royal weddings have been held here. Stand on the very spot where Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge!
  • Poet’s Corner – visit the burial and memorial sites of Chaucer, Dickens, Blake, Kipling, T.S. Eliot and countless others
  • Henry VII’s Lady Chapel – the stunningly decorated tomb of Mary Queen of Scots, with colourful stained glass and intricate carvings
  • The coronation chair – see where all but 2 of Britain’s monarchs have been crowned

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Audio guides are available in 12 languages. An audio tour takes approx. 60 minutes. 

Tickets are open dated but will not be accepted between the 15 July – 31 August.